Marriage, Commitment and renewal ceremonies

Marriage Ceremonies

If you would like to get married somewhere such as a favourite restaurant, your parents garden, a beach or just your favourite place, then a celebrant such as myself is what you need! As well as the usual licenced venues I can perform your ceremony wherever you desire. Or maybe you have the perfect licenced venue but the registrars are unavailable that day or time, then I can help you out. I can tailor your ceremony to your needs, we can include readings, religious elements, candle ceremonies, sand ceremonies, music and more. 

Unlike a civil ceremony you will not be dictated to what you are required to say to each other, your vows can be personal and heart felt. You could include a candle ceremony, readings from loved ones or close friends, I can help you with your vows or you could write your own!

Every ceremony I deliver is personally written by myself and performed in a way that ensures you celebrate your day exactly how you want, showcasing your personalities and wishes.

If you are thinking of a themed ceremony I am more than happy to join in (see the gallery where I am dressed as an apocalyptic priest!). Who doesn't love a bit of a dress up?

My services include;

  • Unlimited contact to discuss your ceremony with as many amendments as you require
  • Meeting with you in person approximately 10-12 weeks before the ceremony to discuss your plans and desires for your ceremony
  • Option to include a symbolic ceremony such as a candle ceremony
  • Option to include your children, making promises to them as well as your partner
  • Inclusion of a candle ceremony if you wish
  • Option for a rehearsal prior to the ceremony
  • Commemorative certificate

Prices for your ceremony start from £280. 

*Travel expenses may be incurred depending on the distance to the venue

** Please note my ceremonies are not a legal marriage, to be a lawfully recognised wedding you will need to do this at a register office before or after your ceremony from £57.

Renewal and Commitment Ceremonies

There are many reasons why you might choose one of the above. An anniversary, a statement of your togetherness, a life changing event amongst others. So why not be a little indulgent and celebrate with a ceremony just how you would want it to be? 

These ceremonies have no legal standing so you can have some fun and really showcase yourselves and your relationship. Like the marriages ceremonies, your ceremony can be held anywhere you want (with permission). Your ceremony will be personal to you. You might wish to mention your story, how you got to where you are and your milestones in life.

There could be a rededication of your wedding rings, or how about a new ring? Even better! 

Readings are a lovely way to include family and friends. It does not have to be a serious piece of work, a light-hearted poem or something that a guest has written especially for the day is a beautiful and memorable way to celebrate. Do not worry if you cannot find anything I have a huge selection for you to browse through.  

My services for Renewal and Commitment ceremonies start from £140.

*Travel expenses may be incurred depending on the distance to the venue