Naming and Welcoming Ceremonies

Naming and Welcoming Ceremonies are a fantastic and modern way to celebrate your children and officially welcome them into your world. Maybe you want to celebrate a new baby, a newly adopted child, a joining of families through marriage or you just didn't want a religious Christening, well this is for you and I would be honoured to be part of the journey!!!

Naming ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular and they can be held anywhere, your local public house, a hotel, your back garden. They can include siblings as they play such an important role in a ceremony, from taking part in a reading to saying their own promises to their siblings (this can be so cute) Then we cannot forget the Grandparents can we? If you wish to include them we can certainly do that. You can select special friends or family members to be 'Supporting Guardians' to your child or children. You could include readings, music to enhance the ceremony. It is an opportunity to declare your life long commitment to your child. Together we can celebrate your child in a relaxed manor, fitting to your requirements and meaningful to you.

You will also have the option to include a symbolic element to the day such as candle lighting, memory boxes or keepsake gifts.

I will initially meet up with you a several weeks before the big day to discuss your script and get a feel for the type of ceremony you are looking for. We will work together to get the ceremony you want and I will be available on the day of the ceremony to have a relaxed run through of the proceedings before the official ceremony.

Each child will receive a personal certificate as a token of the event.

The standard price for Naming and Welcoming Ceremonies is £140 and can be held any day of the week.

* Please note this is not a Christening